5 years ago

CSN Philly reporter John Boruk says it's time for the players to realize the lockout is becoming "counterproductive."

He points to the last lockout when those who experienced said, in effect, missing out on a year's salary wasn't worth it because there's no way to recoup that lost money. Boruk says when the NHL offered the 50-50 revenue split with a "make whole" provision and then walked away from three of the union's proposals after 15 minutes it should've been clear to the NHLPA that an immediate 50-50 split was a must. Monday, the players lost their first full paycheck and will have lost over 25 percent of their 2012-13 salary by the end of November. "It's also time for the NHLPA and its members to start making decisions based on principal, and not principle," Boruk writes. "An organized union involved in collective bargaining has to know and understand the breaking point to which its efforts become more counterproductive than . productive. To me, we're at that point."ÿ