5 years ago

Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau continues to be amazed with the 42-year-old Teemu Selanne.

Selanne has been outstanding since joining the Ducks after the previous lockout and led the team in points last season with 66 in 82 games. "It is amazing at how good a shape he's in and he doesn't get winded," Boudreau said. "You watch him, he's never bent over on his stick. His face might look drawn sometimes. But he's a pretty remarkable specimen. And I said this last year and I fully believe that for his age, he's the best athlete in the world. You play this sport at 42 and you're leading the team in scoring. There's older players playing in other sports but they might be a kicker in football. They might be a pitcher in baseball or a relief pitcher, especially a one-out guy. But they don't play the grind of having 16 to 20 minutes a night like he does against the best players at this level in the world." Selanne will be an automatic Hall-of-Famer as soon as he is eligible.