5 years ago

Alexander Edler (back) has been declared fit to play hockey.

Edler will now be part of the lockout and will stopped getting paid by the Canucks. He underwent back surgery in January 2011 but managed to play a full season last year, despite his back not being 100 percent. "After surgery, I don't think the back can get back to 100 per cent, but that doesn't mean you can't play at 100 per cent," Edler said. "(Another) surgery would have been the last resort. I've been doing rehab and talking to doctors and it's been going the right way. Not quickly, but it's not getting worse, which is good. It's an injury that can be very frustrating because it takes a while. The next step will be to play games and unfortunately we can't do that right now. I've been doing contact in practice, but it's different in a game. And I wouldn't be cleared unless the doctors and I were confident I could handle it. I don't know if I was 100 per cent last year, but it didn't affect me. I could play to my capacity and it's getting to a point where you can play