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Vincent Jackson caught just two passes for 40 yards against the Vikings in Week 8.

Jackson was held in check for much of the night by Minnesota's cast of corners, but both of his catches came on third downs to help keep drives alive for Tampa Bay scores. He saw just six targets compared to Mike Williams' 10. V-Jax will get a much-needed 10 days off between games to rest his balky hip. He'll be a high-end WR1 against the Raiders in Week 9, and Josh Freeman's play over the past few weeks certainly bodes well for Jackson's second-half outlook.


Filthy_Sanchez 5 years ago

This is typical V-Jax - 200+ yards one week; two catches and chump change the next. At least you know what you're getting when you draft him.

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

ya, there is NO in between with this guy. Great or next to nothing. Love him one week, hate him the next. Its been his pattern for two years now.

tmactown01 5 years ago

I figured he would have this type of game had Williams going to so it worked out I guess.