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Tuesday's episode of Hard Knocks revealed that Chad Johnson was struggling to pick up the Dolphins offense, just as he did last year in New England.


mnt2115 5 years ago


Scott007 5 years ago

instead of hooked on phonics for kids he needs hooked on playbooks...this guys clearly has always had to make people laugh with his attitude cause he wasnt smart enough to fit in otherwise.."class clown/no class"

mnt2115 5 years ago

how hard is it to know plays? its not like he has to do much else...this is his JOB...well at least it used to be

mikeathome87 5 years ago

I think this is like Donovan McNabb where he just got complacent in his skill and when he went to another team just stopped putting in the effort to learn the playbook or keep in shape. I used to read about how Chad Johnson has so much work ethic when he was with the Bengals, I think he's just gotten used to getting by with his skill that he's gotten lazy. =_=