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Trent Richardson rushed 28 times for 95 yards and caught six passes for 49 yards in the Browns' Week 11 loss.

Leaned on heavily coming out of the Browns' Week 10 bye, Richardson led the team in both rushing and receiving against the Cowboys. While Richardson turned in a workmanlike effort on the ground, he picked up his long gain of 27 yards when Dallas' defense fell asleep and left Richardson wide open in the left flat. T-Rich tied for the team high with eight targets. Consider him a mid-range to high-end RB2 when Cleveland hosts Pittsburgh in Week 12.


aceofspades2346 5 years ago

trent or jammal?

AlabamaMan 5 years ago

Who writes this stuff? _███_

(° ͜ʖ °)

wayneiii 5 years ago

I wanna punch this reporter right in the baby maker....

JimsBrowns 5 years ago

LMFAO!!! A high end RB2.

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

huh, mid-range to highend RB2???, unless you have Martin, AP , Foster, Lynch or Rice (possibly CJ) there is noone you start ahead of this guy. And Martin, AP and Foster are the only backs you definitely start over him, the others are tossup calls. He's at least a midrange RB1 . dont know wtf these guys are talking about unless they feel the Steelers are gonna put the clamps on him.

dj_gits 5 years ago

agreed - steelers did quite a number of rice last night. i'm thinking to grab reece and start him with ridley over t-rich....assuming mcfadden is out another week.

swarupg 5 years ago

i've got Lynch AND TRich, but thinking of starting someone like Reggie Wayne in the flex spot over TRich this week. My other WR's already starting are Roddy White and AJ Green (+ VJAX on bench)

pitheart 5 years ago

hard to bench trich... at worst if he doesnt leave on injury he will get 5-7 passes

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

plus no big ben or Leftwich for Pitt. Cleveland should be able to keep this game close. TRich should see plenty of touches.

dj_gits 5 years ago

yeah now with leftwich out i can imagine less possession time for pitt. gonna go with trich and reece.