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Trent Richardson (ribs/chest) is officially probable for Week 9 against the Ravens.


Gronk-Want-Ball 5 years ago

If Trent was on a better team with decent wr's and not a 28year old rookie QB, his numbers would contend for league leader. IE Doug Martin

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

I think Weeden has played pretty well considering the lack of talent at WR, but your right TRich would produce more on a better team. I really like Martin (I have both TRich and Hamsta) but at least in my league, Trent is ranked 3rd among RB's and Martin 7th. Per game average is about the same as Trent still has his bye coming up. So I'd say they've been pretty even this year and both RB's are producing on not-so-good teams.

ThatMan 5 years ago

The Bucs have one more win than the Browns, your logic if severely flawed. Not to mention T Rich is ranked higher than Doug Martin. Don't post unless you know what you're talking about.

Tommeltot 5 years ago

you need to think before talking. he say he contend for league leader on a better team... witch is right.

and saying that win = better team (wr+qb) is just stupid.

he clearly know more then you "thatMan"

YoungKeesey 5 years ago

I like to institute the "wins-losses", or percentage rule for posts on Fleaflicker. Click the person's name, like "Thatman". He's below 50% wins, so you ignore him. Easy, effective, personal rule.

YoungKeesey 5 years ago

And before anyone says anything, yes, my record isn't great. BUT instead of offering FF help, I'm offering something better!

ThatMan 5 years ago

On of my leagues isn't being played but it's active, so once again someone with flawed logic and lack of grammar.

"He say" T Rich would be competing for league if on a better team, I say being ranked 5th overall and only being 15 pts. away from the leader is competing for league leader status. Grow up children.

SuperBracero 5 years ago

She got a big booty so I call her big booty!

bustnheads 5 years ago

Lmao! I like that!

bustnheads 5 years ago

U started it!

Tommeltot 5 years ago

True. But i think he have some problems whit him self. Let the geek rage

bustnheads 5 years ago

I meant thatman started it. I'm bad at replying to the specific message

papa14 5 years ago

Hes still a monster