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The Philadelphia Inquirer blames Brent Celek's slow day in Week 5 on expanded blocking duties.

Celek stayed in to help LT Demetress Bell deal with James Harrison. He ended up with just three catches for nine yards on five targets, but saved his fantasy day with a 2-yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter. Celek and the Eagles face the Lions' fearsome front four in Week 6.


C_Lint 5 years ago


C_Lint 5 years ago

very poorly articulated, try typing tihs backwards.

C_Lint 5 years ago

Funny maybe, sad we're all posting on ffb boards, or just reading them even creepier, true yes, poorly articulated true, alcahol fueled almost definitely.

rpendlum 5 years ago

agreed.. thats some funny ish.. sad but funny

Cowboys29Rules 5 years ago

U people don't no nothing, blame it all on celek. Let's have a pitty party for michael vick. Get right to the facts, Vick gets payed all this money which he wasn't worth it, and plays like scrap the last 2yrs. put the blame on him vicks is SCRAP. COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gridiron-IQ 5 years ago

Horrible grammar my friend...

ClosetLesbian 5 years ago

yeah dude that was terrible. Did you even say words?

Cowboys29Rules 5 years ago

Hope your kids turn out like retardes just like me

ClosetLesbian 5 years ago

i literally just died laughing

Steelers181 5 years ago

I shouldn't be laughing, but that was hilarious