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The Minneapolis Star-Tribune stresses the Vikings will not be looking for a quarterback to compete with Christian Ponder this offseason.

Minnesota will be looking to upgrade on Joe Webb as the team's No. 2 to Ponder, though, and the Tribune points to veteran backups like Matt Moore, Derek Anderson, David Carr, Jason Campbell, and others. The belief is that Webb could be pushed down the depth chart to No. 3, and the Vikings could use him all over the field as an "athlete." One thing seems certain, GM Rick Spielman will be scouring the market.


RustyDuck 5 years ago

The dictionary defines ponder as "Think about (something) carefully, esp. before deciding or concluding"

Will Spielman Ponder about Ponder?

The duck defines spielman as "A big turd"

Spielman is a Spielman.

dookranger 5 years ago

Agreed on all you said. Ish.