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The Lions announced Monday that Jahvid Best (concussions) will not play football this season.

Detroit's offensive backfield will be Mikel Leshoure the rest of the way, with some Joique Bell mixed in. Doctors seemed conflicted on whether to medically clear Best, and the Lions ultimately made the likely-wise decision to shut him down for 2012. Best has suffered four concussions dating back to his final season at Cal. He's stated he won't give up trying to play football, but for now the outlook isn't pretty. Best can be dropped in all re-draft leagues. Only deep-league Dynasty owners can keep holding out hope.


BigDaddyT69 5 years ago

I'm gonna keep him stashed for now! We have 2 IR slots in my league so it doesn't hurt me at all. High reward if he can make it back and play! Read latest below:

Lions coach Jim Schwartz will not let running back Jahvid Best go down without a fighting chance. Despite medical experts deeming him unfit to return to game action because of his prolonged concussion issues, Schwartz said Tuesday he believes there is still an opportunity for Best to return. "There's still time," he said. "We don't have to activate him from PUP yet. There's still a couple more weeks." Best spent the first six weeks of the season on the PUP list, but he's eligible to return now. The 23-year-old hasn't played since last October because of concussion problems, and his future remains uncertain after general manager Martin Mayhew said Monday he can't return yet.

est was put on the reserve-PUP list, meaning he needed to miss the first six weeks of the season. That time period is now over, and the Lions have three weeks to start a practice window for Best. If he's not active by the end of that window, he must sit out the rest of the season -- so Detroit has a maximum of six weeks to bring him back. In addition to suffering two concussions during his pro career, Best also missed time during the preseason last year because of a head issue. With Best sidelined, the Lions will continue to rely on budding talent Mikel Leshoure. But after a glimmer of hope last week, Fantasy owners shouldn't plan on adding Best in most formats at this point.

andytran 5 years ago

Yea this is really sad news...But i think the Lions has the worse luck. Although they are good team but their players are made of papers. Those guy get concussion after like 3 games...

mnt2115 5 years ago

this amazes me because you see every week players getting concussions and returning the following wee (I.E. RGIII) but not this guy. Leads me to believe he has had some legitimate brain damage, in which case he shouldn't return at all.

What it boils down to is that he has no other skills outside of football and cant make a living without it. so his choice is joining the ever expanded unemployment line or risking permanent brain damage. I know which one I would choose.

LAstringcheez 5 years ago

how do u know if he has not other skills outside of football!!!!! u should speak for yourself...his career is at risk...

Thias_777 5 years ago

lol @ mnt2115. How do you know what other skills he possesses. For all we know, the guy has a degree from the University of California and has the credentials to apply and work where he pleases. Are you just one of those people who thinks a black man has no place in the world other than as an athlete, a rapper, or a thug? Get real man.

mnt2115 5 years ago

You guys are right, I am speaking in generalities, but why would you think that I am making that assumption because he is black? If you had several doctors tell you that you shouldnt play football (BECAUSE OF HEAD TRAMA) why would you keep playing?

GCBALLA 5 years ago

"this amazes me because you see every week players getting concussions and returning the following wee (I.E. RGIII) but not this guy."

Weren't you the one questioning that initially???

mnt2115 5 years ago

I was implying that this is obviously worse than JUST a concussion

RaiderSteve420 5 years ago

He also had a major concussion in college on one of the nastiest hits I've ever seen. Also Sidney Crosby missed almost a whole season before they cleared him. So you never know.

GCBALLA 5 years ago

If I had the ability and talent to play in the NFL, I would never stop chasing my dream (not to mention the financial upside). I sit around every Sunday watching these guys, just wishing I was out there. Good for Jahvid Best, don't give up bruh

cogwheel 5 years ago

"For all we know"? We DO know. Or at least, everyone but you. Best left Cal early for the NFL. He has no college degree.

Oh and btw, lol @ you randomly and inappropriately pulling the race-card out of nowhere. mnt2115 made no mention of race or insinuation towards it in any way whatsoever. That it immediately leapt into YOUR mind with no logical prompting says more about *you* than it does about him.

RamsFan1 5 years ago

brain damage right

GCBALLA 5 years ago

Yes, but the majority of those players you see getting concussions haven't had multiple injuries. When players have repeat injuries, they obviously express more concern. He has had like 4 concussions man; Steve Young and Troy Aikman had to retire because of this exact thing.

Riggs44R 5 years ago

I think Staubach too

BigDaddyT69 5 years ago

This is not at all what the Lions are saying! They have not yet ruled him out for the season. see below....

Updating a previous report, the Detroit Lions are hopeful that RB Jahvid Best (concussion) will be able to return to the field at some point. The team announced a press release after they determined that he will not be coming off the Physically Unable to Perform list this week. 'After today's consultation with medical experts, including representatives from our medical and training staffs, it has been determined that Jahvid will not be permitted to return to play at this time,' general manager Martin Mayhew said. 'Jahvid will continue to work with our medical and training staffs with the hope that he ultimately will be cleared to return to the playing field.'

Greg_W 5 years ago

This is really sad news. He is a very talented player and a shame not to see him doing the thing he loves.

TaylorRussell 5 years ago

Good Goood

MayhemS 5 years ago

Wow, I drafted this guy since he came into the league and have kept him this whole time in my keeper league. These news totally suck. Feel bad for him too cuz the guy is a stud and now doesn't get to do what he's good at.

Jeff55 5 years ago

Copy that....hope long term hes ok....footballs a sport...23yrs old.....big picture young man....