QB KC (10)
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The Kansas City Star agrees there's "enough smoke" behind the Alex Smith-to-Chiefs trade rumors to believe Smith will indeed be the team's starting quarterback in 2013.

The 49ers are not expected to trade Smith in the division, likely ruling out the Cardinals. The Browns and Jaguars have both said they're not in the Smith bidding. As beat writer Adam Teicher notes, "the Chiefs have issued no such denial." The Smith saga will drag on until March 12, when the trading period opens around the NFL. Expect Kansas City to acquire Smith shortly thereafter.


joegibbskins07 5 years ago

so they have 5 probowl players, including but not limited to a RB and a WR, they have the #1 overall pick, a new coach with a history of winning and they might score a vetren QB for a 4th round pick. KC fans must in in heaven right now.