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The Green Bay Press-Gazette reports the Packers "appear more likely to address" Aaron Rodgers' contract this offseason.

Beat writer Pete Dougherty points to Joe Flacco's impending free agency in Baltimore and his aspirations for "Drew Brees money" as reasoning for the Packers to lock up Rodgers as soon as possible. Rodgers has two more years left on a six-year pact, but he's vastly underpaid at $10.8 million annually. If Green Bay holds off and Joe Flacco ends up getting anywhere close to his desired $20 million per season, then Rodgers' price will be astronomical. That gives Rodgers' camp all the more reason to see what happens with Flacco.


GreenbayGumby 5 years ago

Packer management will do whats best for the organization, they ALWAYS do.