5 years ago

The Green Bay Press-Gazette believes Packers coach Mike McCarthy's Tuesday praise of Jermichael Finley means he'll "almost certainly" be back in 2013.

McCarthy said he felt "very good about way (Finley) finished the year," and that he was a "different man from the bye week on." Packers TEs coach Jerry Fontenot agreed. "As the season wore on you could see a more confident guy on the field," Fontenot said. "You could see a guy that once he got his hands on the ball he was running like a maniac. ... I see him definitely in an ascending mode." It's doubtful Fontenot would describe a player as "ascending" if he didn't expect him to be back. Finley is signed for $4.45 million in 2013, though he's due a hefty $3.5 million roster bonus in March