The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin - Week 19 5 years ago

The second week of the playoffs came. The second week of the playoffs went, and I almost to the collar! The proverbial shut out. I ended the week with a record of 1-3 and all I had to do was pick the home teams and I would have been 3-1. But that is why they play the games.

Weekend Craziness

If someone wants to know what the definition of the saying "Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" means, all they had to do was watch the Denver Broncos lose that game. How does that great Denver defense allow such a play with less than a minute to go? And that late throw over the middle by Peyton Manning in overtime was eerily like the throw that Brett Favre made when he was with the Vikings. In the second game, San Francisco proved that they could win, and win convincingly against a very good Green Bay Packers team. Then on Sunday, in the bird bowl, the Atlanta Falcons got out quickly to a 20-point lead, gave it all away and lost the lead with 31 seconds to go, but Matt Ryan drove the Falcons down for a game tying field goal which happened on the second try after Seahawks' coach Pete Carroll iced the kicker on the first try which he promptly missed. In the final game, Houston played better than the first time they met when New England smoked them at home, but they still got smoked.

The greatest two weeks in football just completed and then there were four!

Sunday's Games

First up on Sunday is the Atlanta Falcons coming off their first playoff victory hosting the San Francisco 49ers. I wonder if anyone thought after Week 1 that the starting QB for this game would be Colin Kaepernick and not Alex Smith? The back story for this game will be the potential for such a great team in Atlanta and will they live up to it versus the modified downfield throwing of the 49er offense. That type of offense is a far cry from the dink and dunk outlet throws normally seen with successful teams. I will take San Francisco in a squeaker.

The second game features the Baltimore Ravens at the New England Patriots. The Patriots are trying to get back to another Super Bowl and the Ravens are trying to avenge a playoff loss to New England last year. I think that the Patriots win because they have more offensive weapons. It would have been a cakewalk if TE Rob Gronkowski was not injured. But can Joe Flacco throw those air balls in New England? That is the question that needs to be answered and the answer is yes he will throw them but no they will not be successful.

Master D.

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