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The 49ers will stick with K David Akers for the Super Bowl.

Akers missed yet another kick in Sunday's NFC Championship escape - shanking it off the uprights - but will remain a man of nine lives. Akers has missed at least one field-goal attempt in seven of 10 games since the 49ers' Week 9 bye. San Francisco can only hope it doesn't have the next Scott Norwood (or Ray Finkle) on its hands.


Terry4tw 5 years ago

Finkle is Einhorn!

joegibbskins07 5 years ago

dont recall a finkle but norwood was not playing injured so i will have to say Akers will get a pass in my book. its not the niners fault that an injured Akers is better than a healthy Cundiff.

Ghost_Lombardi 5 years ago

The laces were out.

The_Outlaw_Torn 5 years ago

Einhorn is a man! Ugh!