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Teams told James Jones in post-lockout free agency that they didn't want to sign him because of his history of drops.

Jones had a higher drop percentage than any receiver from 2009-2011. Prior to free agency in 2010, he dropped potential long touchdowns in five different games. "They didn't feel like I could catch a ball," Jones said. "They didn't feel like my hands were good enough." Thrust into a bigger role this season, Jones is on pace for a 71/821/14 line without a single drop.


Scotty_M 5 years ago

Read the line above. 71/821/14 line without a single drop. He was jinxed!!!!

How did he do today? Enough said.

Gb00 5 years ago

Do I start James Jones or Jordy Nelson?

CarlisleWeenie 5 years ago

Pick one flex from these three: J. Jones, SJAX, or T. Smith.

skins099 5 years ago

I have SJax and Jones. It's a tough call but going to Jones because Lions have secondary issues.

CarlisleWeenie 5 years ago

Yeah. Good point, but worried about what J. Nelson's return means for Jones. Fewer looks?

SamBair 5 years ago

I think it's the opposite, going to take some defensive pressure off Jones.

Scotty_M 5 years ago


ACEindaHole 5 years ago

Not cool dude