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Sixth-round WR Marvin McNutt caught "everything thrown in his direction" in the Eagles' offseason program.

McNutt is off to a good start in his quest for a roster spot, and should push Riley Cooper for the Eagles' No. 4 receiver job if his strong offseason carries over into camp. Cooper's blocking and special teams prowess might tilt the battle in his favor.


Da18thLetter28 5 years ago

I could be mistaken, but isn't Cooper pretty much a lock at the #3 WR spot for the Eagles? I am pretty sure he was the guy who stepped in for Maclin when he was injured/sick last season, not Avant. Cooper actually put up some pretty good #s in Maclin's absence. I am not sure what the actual depth chart says, but to me, Cooper is the #3. If any one should be battling for the #4 with McNutt, it is Avant in my opinion. Unless of course there is another guy in the mix that I am unaware of.

McNutt kinda sounds like a Ronald McDonald orgasm....LOL Sorry had to say it.... That is just a funny name to me....LOL

joegibbskins07 5 years ago

yea, i dig the name too. he is not just a nut, but a McNut! dip into some sweet and sour and he is good to go!