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Shaun Phillips says he accepted less money to play for the Broncos.

"That's why I came here, to be in this situation, to be with a team that is right there in the mix," Phillips said. "I want a chance at the whole thing." Ticketed for a backup role at both outside linebacker and defensive end, Phillips is playing for a bargain-basement $1 million, with no guaranteed money. If he truly turned down more money, we doubt it was a lot. Phillips can earn another $2 million through sack-based incentives, though only $400,000 of it is considered achievable.


BriansTeam58 4 years ago

The man says he went there because of what Denver may be able to achieve regardless of the money.

The fact is, he did.

The fact is, his basic contract is without all of the guaranteed money that most top players have.

When you say: "if he truly turned more money, we doubt it was a lot" says a lot about YOUR motives, but not his.

Not everyone believes that the all mighty dollar and what you earn is the only measure by which a man should be judged. But apparently the person who wrote this tid-bit believes otherwise.

joegibbskins07 4 years ago

not many turn down the money to win the game. props to all that do.