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Sebastian Janikowski (groin) will kick in Monday's game against the Chargers.

Janikowski tweaked his groin while trying to make a tackle during the third preseason game. He's fully recovered from that and will be ready to go in the opener. Janikowski's powerful leg and the Raiders' propensity to get in shootouts make him a strong fantasy kicking option.


JT_Hefner 5 years ago

best kicker in the game as soon as the raiders cross the 50 yd line Seabass is in range, and he is money evertime

JT_Hefner 5 years ago


PHATDADDY 5 years ago

suck my wiener

UFalumni 5 years ago

janiCOWski, is a fat cow just like his name says!

DCommish 5 years ago

Fatcow or now...he boots the long ones!!! and I love it!...big points

JagRag 5 years ago

Hard to get excited about a kicker, but Janikowski carried me a couple times last year. Especially when he hit three 50+ yarders and a 42-yarder in Houston the week after Al Davis died, was nearly my leading scorer that week. Nothing wrong with a kicker that's built like an outside linebacker and kicks scud missiles! The only difference-making kicker in the game.

DCommish 5 years ago

Seabass is back in the saddle!!!!

Jtaurus72 5 years ago

I hope so I get 7 pts for 50+