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Santonio Holmes has been diagnosed with a Lisfranc injury, and is likely done for the season.


justin_2pac 5 years ago

this just gives those losers dirty sanchez, tebow & fatty ryan a freebie pass as to why the jets will continue to suck....when in reality its because their entire team sucks, not because of 2 injuries out of 50+ players

WaterHeadERN 5 years ago

i picked up Kerely think he will get anymore catches now? im about to drop him

Prash11 5 years ago

booo and you were acctually having a good season to where I could almost trade you... I finally needed to use this week and you are done for the year. Get better you are needed next year. JETs season is over no revis no WR good luck.

Terry4tw 5 years ago

Santonio is sorry that breaking his foot inconveniences you

hardknock27 5 years ago

Lol. Im hoping the kid Hill steps up. Ive got him on my bench.