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Ryan Williams (shoulder) admits he's worried about his roster spot.

"Who wouldn't (be)?," Williams said. Injuries have limited Williams to just five games in two years since being the No. 38 pick of the 2011 draft. However, Williams says he's the "happiest I've been in two years," and that he's "gotten right" both physically and mentally. New coach Bruce Arians is an avowed Williams fan. "I know Ryan can flat run the football," Arians said. "I know all about Ryan, and I love him." Williams is expected to be 100 percent for the Cardinals' offseason program.


jfever24 5 years ago

If Williams is worried, Wells must be crapping himself. Also... each of those worthless Qb's probably aren't sleeping well at night.

sethsethtacos 5 years ago

i'm thinking with Arians' Virginia Tech connections, he'll give Ryan a good chance to start