QB MIA (1)
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Ryan Tannehill completed 17-of-33 passes for 150 yards and a touchdown, and rushed three times for 25 yards as the Dolphins fell to the 49ers in Week 14.

Tannehill only accepted two sacks -- both by OLB Aldon Smith -- in Jake Long's first missed game. The rookie quarterback kept his team in the game until late in the fourth quarter, when Colin Kaepernick busted a back-breaking 50-yard rushing score. Tannehill also seems to trust his receivers too much; he keeps his eyes downfield and relies on them to make plays on 50:50 balls. Unfortunately, Miami's pass-catching corps is perhaps the least talented in football. Tannehill will only be a low-end two-quarterback league play in Week 15 against Jacksonville.


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We got whooped. Smh to plan for next year.