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Robert Griffin III said Tuesday his surgically-repaired knee is "doing good" and reiterated that he will be ready to play in 2013.

Considering it's been just three months since Griffin's surgery, it's silly to speculate on his Week 1 status. All we can glean from recent reports is that the initial phase of his rehabilitation has gone well and the Redskins are pleased with his progress. Still, it's worth noting that a similarly spectacular athlete in Derrick Rose has been sidelined for nearly 11 months with his ACL tear despite sustaining no setbacks.


joegibbskins07 5 years ago

derrick rose is acting scared and skittish. basketball is also a physicaly different animal. i dont want to rush the kid but i dont see this as an apples to apples compairison.

H3_Hat3_M3 5 years ago

agreed, basketball and football are way different even for the same type of injury. typically ACL tear in basketball takes longer to come back from compared to football.