TE NE (9)
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Rob Gronkowski (broken left forearm) will have surgery Monday.


SeanNumber53 5 years ago

just picked up gronk and lynch this week in a trade for ridley, desean jackson and vernon davis. was super pumped about his points until i saw sportcenter this morning and heard about the forearm break.

it seems like such a bone-head move having him in when you're up like that. Friday Night lights anyone? Booty Miles remembers.....

rjmarine 5 years ago

This is sad. What make it worse is that he got hurt on an extra point with 3 mins left in the game. A game they clearly had won and no need for Gronk to be in on the special teams at that time.

Chthulu 5 years ago

I'm so bummed man. Despite the fact that he's a fantasy beast, he's so entertaining to watch. Loves being on the field, loves football, loves touchdowns. Hope he recovers soon.

GCBALLA 5 years ago

It does suck, but it's part of the game. I'm sure you weren't very pissed about it all the other times NE kept the starters in pouring it on late in the 4th...

kotyk 5 years ago

Well, I am getting a 1st rd. bye this year, so I have 4 weeks... he could be back by then. Anyways, hope he heals quick for himself, not just for FF.

GCBALLA 5 years ago

Yea I have him and Hernandez in a 5 Team Keeper, so I hope I'll feel a little less of a blow. We can play any combo of 3 WR/TE's...gives us some flexibility to carry 2 stud TE's