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Reggie Wayne caught eight passes for 96 yards in Thursday night's Week 10 win over the Jaguars.

Wayne was targeted 11 times on the night and caught six passes on nine targets in the first half, but with the game squarely in hand in the second half, there wasn't much desire to pass the ball. Wayne was the option on Andrew Luck's first five pass attempts and consistently beat Derek Cox and Aaron Ross in coverage. The 34-year-old (next week) is a WR1 for the remainder of the season. Indy travels to New England in 10 days.


bscraver 5 years ago

And he made a tackle...

Fletchisawesome 5 years ago

no he didnt u wish he did loser

bscraver 5 years ago

Guess you didn't see the game or maybe you don't understand football... I watched him make the tackle! Have a great Flecth...