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Re-signed on Saturday, Rex Grossman has acknowledged he won't be the Redskins' starting quarterback.

"I'm fully aware they're going to draft a quarterback," Grossman said. "Whatever my role will be, I want to be a part of this team, and turn this thing around." Grossman has been the quarterback the Redskins can't quit, but he will be Robert Griffin III's clipboard holder if all goes according to plan. John Beck is a candidate for release.


Da18thLetter28 6 years ago

Grossman will be the starter after week 3 when RGIII is out with a concussion or worse. He plays like Cam Newton without the size to take the hits. I am pretty sure that RGIII is going to be the next Redskin bust.

joegibbskins07 6 years ago

if the skins can do half decent keeping a flat footed QB like Grossman from getting killed, then RG3 will be just fine. Cunningham was not big but ran like the wind for Philly in the day. i dont think the skins want this guy to run like that though, they just want more roll outs/bootlegs throwing the ball.

i have to admit, i really wanted Grossman as far away from DC as possible.

begs 6 years ago

lol grossman sucks dude

joegibbskins07 6 years ago

agreed. i hate him.