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Randy Moss, who played with Kenny Britt in 2011 and still stays in touch with him, believes Britt is capable of ascending to "elite receiver" heights, "if he gets his mind right."

It's a big "if," obviously, but Moss has tremendous football smarts and has seen Britt's talent up close. "Kenny Britt is a young receiver who can get in that A.J. Green, Julio Jones mix if he wants to," said Moss. "... But his is more mental than it is physical. I hope it works out for him because he is quite a talent. That guy could be special." Added Ravens RB Ray Rice, Britt's college teammate, "He is a talent like no other. If he ever puts it all together ... he can be one of the top five receivers in this league, hands down."


elyoda 5 years ago

what was that about the pot calling the kettle black? or people in glass houses throwing things?