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Raiders coach Dennis Allen stated Monday that he's "hopeful" Darren McFadden (ankle) will return for Week 12 against the Bengals.

The Raiders have been noncommittal throughout the past two weeks on McFadden's game-day statuses. He has not played. Allen was vague again on Monday, and we wouldn't be optimistic about McFadden playing unless he returned to practice this week. Marcel Reece could easily be set up for a third straight start.


Michakav 5 years ago

Even if he is ready by some miracle, he won't last long anyway.

TheOutlaws 5 years ago

Hopeful....? Sounds like coach speak for "Run-DMC will be lucky to return to the starting lineup by week 15".....to me. Hope I'm wrong and Run-DMC comes back strong.

Skills 5 years ago

I hope so too lol

propson87 5 years ago

Reece played 2 games against cushy run Ds.

Ponzi 5 years ago

Well I guess if hes dominant against cushy run Ds then the raiders as well as myself will be in luck if they'd have to finish the season with him being that they have a cushy run d schedule the rest of the way.

Steelpens79 5 years ago

Please don't, Reece is better than him anyway.

RyanColeman 5 years ago

even though I drafted DMC in the 2nd round I have to agree. Reece has been killing it for me

leadfeet01 5 years ago

I cannot believe that they do not manage his rushing attempts, he's proven all too often that he can't handle carrying the rock that many times in a game, that man breaks down. I can understand getting the ball in his hands, he has great football skills, but they should try to keep his carries around or under twenty attempts.

RaiderNation1 5 years ago

DMC will milk this as long as he can. He does it EVERY year and this won't be any different. He's prob done for the year... and Reece is putting up better numbers anyway, so we should just stick with him anyway, let DMC sit with his fresh box of tampons...

Nugsmokers 5 years ago


Khova 5 years ago

Yea cause he will be hurt again in two weeks and Reece has earned his playing time look at the stats