Player Prop Bets - Week 15 5 years ago

Each week I dig through player props and attempt to pick out the most attractive opportunities. After all, betting is all about finding bad odds and exploiting them! The Sand$ represents how much I am wagering and ultimately how confident I am in each bet. The money line is displayed at the end of each bet. Like a point spread, the money line is used to even out the attractiveness of both sides. For example, a negative line of -115 would require a bet of 115 Sand$ in order to win 100 Sand$. A positive line of +130 would return 130 Sand$ when a bet of 100 Sand$ is placed. Occasionally I will put out a parlay bet as well. A parlay is a single bet that links together two or more individual wagers and is dependent on all of those wagers winning together. The benefit of the parlay bet is much better odds than placing each individual bet separately since the difficulty of hitting it is much higher.

Season prop bets: 20,000 Sand$

Week 15 prop bets: 1,200 Sand$

Last week gain/loss: -1,378 Sand$

Season gain/loss: +11,730 Sand$

Week 14 Results:

100 Sand$ - Ray Rice (Ravens) Total Rushing + Receiving Yards UNDER 118.5 (-115) (-100)

200 Sand$ - Philip Rivers (Chargers) Total Completions OVER 21.5 (-115) (-200)

200 Sand$ - Eagles - Total Completions OVER 20.5 (-115) (+174)

300 Sand$ - Reggie Bush (Dolphins) Total Rushing + Receiving Yards UNDER 84.5 (-115) (-300)

300 Sand$ - Michael Turner (Falcons) Will NOT Score a Touchdown (EVEN) AND Michael Turner (Falcons) Total Rushing Attempts UNDER 15 (-115) (-300)

200 Sand$ - Lance Moore (Saints) Total Receiving Yards OVER 60.5 (-115) (-200)

500 Sand$ - Greg Jennings (Packers) Total Receptions OVER 4.5 (-115) (-500)

300 Sand$ - Randall Cobb (Packers) Total Receiving Yards OVER 60.5 (-115) (+261)

100 Sand$ - The Rams Will Score 4.5 MORE Points Than The Chiefs (-115) (+87)

300 Sand$ - The Lions Will Score .5 MORE Points Than The Seahawks (-115) (-300)

Week 15 Player Prop Bets:

200 Sand$ - Josh Freeman (Buccaneers) Total Passing Yards OVER 260.5 (-115)

Freeman threw for 420 yards the last time he faced the Saints, who have the 3 worst pass defense in the NFL.

300 Sand$ - Brian Hartline (Dolphins) Total Receiving Yards OVER 56.5 (-115)

Davone Bess has been ruled out for week 15 and the Dolphins don't have many other options. Hartline should receive a majority of targets this weekend in Jacksonville.

300 Sand$ - Tony Scheffler (Lions) Total Receptions OVER 3 (EVEN)

Brandon Pettigrew is listed as doubtful again the Cardinals. Scheffler should see an increased role since the Lions have be planning on him starting for the entire week.

200 Sand$ - Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals) Total Receptions UNDER 4.5 (-115)

Fitzgerald has a combined 5 receptions over the last four game. While the Lions secondary is nothing special, Ryan Lindley is yet again the starting quarterback. Poor Fitz.

200 Sand$ - Jamaal Charles (Chiefs) Total Rushing Yards OVER 99.5 (-115)

The Raiders are giving up 131 rushing yards per game and Charles is averaging 117 yards per game in his last five outings. Running the ball is the Chief's only option with Dwayne Bowe out and Brady Quinn still starting at quarterback.

200 Sand$ - Stevan Ridley (Patriots) Total Rushing Yards UNDER 70.5 (-115)

Gut call of the week!

100 Sand$ - The Detroit Lions To Score 2 More Points Than The Green Bay Packers (-115)

Season Prop Bets:

5,000 Sand$ - New York Jets to win UNDER 8.5 games (-180)

5,000 Sand$ - Jimmy Graham to record +35 receiving yards over Rob Gronkowski (-135)

Graham: 710 receiving yards

Gronkowski: 748 receiving yards

5,000 Sand$ - Greg Olsen OVER 550.5 receiving yards (-115) (+4,348)

Olsen: 691 receiving yards

5,000 Sand$ - BenJarvus Green-Ellis OVER 850.5 rushing yards (-115) (+4,348)

Green-Ellis: 1080 rushing yards