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Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn't sound pleased when asked about Stevan Ridley's second fumble in as many games during his Monday press conference.

"There's nothing more important than possession of the ball," Belichick said. "We can't afford to lose it, it's as simple as that." Ridley is a centerpiece of the New England offense, but Belichick indicated that ball security is a priority, and he has benched Ridley for fumbling before. "We talk and work on ball security every day with everybody," said Belichick. "Everybody who handles it, it's important. It's the highest priority with everybody."


C0bra_M3nace 5 years ago

Everyone referring to Belichick as "Belicheat". Is clearly just upset that the Patriots are better than their hunk of garbage team.

That is all.

Krimson 5 years ago

Is that a fact?...Okay so heres a question oh mighty Patriot fan....Exactly how many super bowls has the patriots won since they were caught cheating and forced to stop???...Ohhhh thats right....NONE!!!!.....Yes they have a great team that is competitive in all phases and always a top team....But they cant seem to get it all done any year since they no longer have that unfair advantage that they utilized during their super bowl run....So stop looking down your nose at the rest of the league because you have won nothing significant (i.e. a super bowl) since you were busted and forced to stop cheating.....and by the way....Last time I looked the Steelers were the ONLY team the have 6 super bowl wins which is the most in the league and have done it with 2 different QBs in two different decades....So lets see how good your beloved Pats are after they loose Brady and enter into a new era....The pats are Bradys success story...Not the coaches....Watch time will tell!!!....He was a worthless coach before Brady and will be again after Brady!!

JohnShea 5 years ago

however they have gone to two superbowls, almost winning both. Much more than what can be said about the Steelers. And Bill Belichick was a respected coach and assistant coach before even coming to New England, bringing 4 teams to the playoffs, 3 going to superbowls, and 2 winning those superbowls. And don't be so worried about the post-brady era, Belicheck has been bolstering the defense through the draft so a new quarterback has a crutch to lean on when taking over (sound familiar to the transition from Bledsoe to Brady?) And look at it this way, the Patriots went on a run where there defense and offense were great, winning the 3 superbowls over 4 years. Then their defense falls apart, essentially entering the re-building years, yet in those rebuilding years they still make it to two superbowls? sounds pretty dominant to me.

Rorbo 5 years ago

Much more than you can say about the Steelers? Are you drunk. Last i checked the Steelers have been to the Super Bowl 3 times in the last 10 years and have won 2. Am I missing something here?

Rorbo 5 years ago

You can't ignore spy gate. They cheated, plain and simple. I'm sure it's also a hysterical coincidence BUT they haven't won a super bowl since and if i remember correctly it was the same team they beat in the AFC Championship game each time. I'd say calling him Bellicheat is warranted.

C0bra_M3nace 5 years ago

Thanks guys for proving my point further.

Krimson 5 years ago

Kraft=great man.....Brady=great Qb....Belicheat=short cut artest.....reminds me of the guy at a bar that waits til someone looks away and sucker punches the guy that asked him to go outside.....He manipulates the injury report for an unfair advantage so others arent sure who is and is not playing....instead of paying good and great players that have contributed so mush to the team he cuts them to try to make them take less to come back...SPYGATE....Hell and these are just the things we all know as a fact....theres also the fact that when his assistants start getting a name for themselves he pushes them out and has nothing good to say about them....Hows that defense looked since romeo left again?? LMAO....As I said before i cant wait til Brady retires the we will all see what type of coaching skills he has LMAO.....

C0bra_M3nace 5 years ago

Yet again you have no come back with any sort of FACTS proving your completely biased story.

I don't understand why you're crying so hard over it. The Patriots won't be near the top for much longer.

Rorbo 5 years ago

CObra the Patriots were fined by the league as I'm sure you were and are aware. What more evidence needs provided? They haven't won a super bowl since. Now I'm not saying spygate is the sole reason they won when they did but it certainly helped. End of story.

DonTerminator 5 years ago

Better question to everyone: When does Belichick ever sound pleased?

Buckin_Bronco 5 years ago

I know right?! Belicheat after a 55-0 win: "We've gotta execute a lot better. There were a lot of plays where I wasn't pleased with our effort. We have to look at the tape and try to get better next week."

TristanHunter 5 years ago

really? a broncos fan calling bellicheck the cheater? dude... after the patriots got busted for cheating they got rid of the guilty parties. do you know where they then went to work? thats right, the broncos. do you know who got busted one year later for cheating AGAIN? thats right, the staff that had gone to the broncos. get off your high horse, your squad was just as guilty as the patriots if not more so for knowingly taking on cheaters and allowing them to strike again

Jamie05 5 years ago

Pats also went 18-1 the year after all that spygate BS, but no one will talk about that.

Buckin_Bronco 5 years ago

Funny how that "1" was a Super Bowl loss to the underdog Giants. Interesting how not being able to secretly tape the opposing team's SUPER BOWL WALKTHROUGH levels the playing field. Get a grip, macho. The Patsies haven't won spit since their video production front got taken down. Enjoy those 3 tainted Super Bowls. I'm afraid it's all you'll ever get with Belicheat and Gaydy in NE.

JSoccorso28 5 years ago

Hey, how'd the Broncos do last week? I forgot

Jamie05 5 years ago

Wow, ignorant ppl are incredible. Haven't won "split" ... What team has gone all season with 0 win have won the Superbowl? You speak as if going undefeated all regular season is like a walk in the park... When's the last time your team did that, or better yet, when's the last time your team even made it to the Superbowl?

endgame8 5 years ago

You gotta stick with him. You can teach ball security, just ask that doofus Tiki.

Gary Johnson 2012

RidgeRunner888 5 years ago

Belicheat's comments + Seattle run D = Bench Ridley??

Buckin_Bronco 5 years ago

Seattle's secondary is more of a problem IMHO. That means bench Lloyd for me. Should have benched him last week against Champ Bailey. 2/3 of the earth is covered with water. The rest is covered by Champ Bailey.

GovernorG 5 years ago


Buckin_Bronco 5 years ago

Can't afford to bench Ridley. Forte is on a bye week. Need to ride my horses out of the hole I've put myself in.

ADKINS 5 years ago

dont bench ridley. woodhead cant handle the load and bolden is a flash in the pan. Ride ridley to the playoffs.

ADKINS 5 years ago

P.S. Funk Belicheck

ADKINS 5 years ago

and Shannahan

ADKINS 5 years ago

And Norv Turner

CulverCityCosmo 5 years ago

ahhhh...the trifecta.

bgriesbach 5 years ago

and the packers

sikchskitz 5 years ago

Holmgren sux

sigmatic 5 years ago

have the same problem