5 years ago

One NFL source tells the New York Daily News he believes the circus surrounding Tim Tebow with the Jets in 2012 could lead to the end of the quarterback's NFL career.

Citing the "distraction" that Tebow brings, the source said, "I think it could be over. He can go on with his life successfully without football. ... Now you've got two places he's been and both are adamant that he can't play quarterback. Adamant. Both paid a heckuva price to kick the tires." The source did allow that the "isolated" Patriots are the only team that makes sense because Josh McDaniels drafted Tebow and Bill Belichick is always willing to try new tricks. The question is whether Tebow would be willing to be a Wildcat gimmick. "I think he's done being made fun of and laughed at," said the source. "It is very painful for him."