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Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune confirms Pierre Thomas is likely to see the biggest increase in touches and production following Darren Sproles' hand fracture.

Triplett expects a "little" more action for Mark Ingram, and Chris Ivory may now be active on game days. We'd add that UDFA Travaris Cadet can do some of the same things Sproles did in the passing game, although he's not nearly as explosive a football player. Thomas' value skyrockets from low-end flex option to locked-in RB2/flex with legitimate RB1 scoring potential in a high-powered offense, though. He needs to be in lineups for Week 9 against Philly.


SandLlama 5 years ago

Wow what a flop..total waste plugging him in

swagster 5 years ago

Pick 1 Stewart,Jennings,or Pierre?

TradeVonMartin 5 years ago

do your own fantasy research. stop asking for fantasy advice in these player updates. its pathetic. stand on your own two feet.

Tommeltot 5 years ago

true... but it is so they can feel better that they dint make the choice them self.

Shawn-DeLoach 5 years ago

some of these people are little kids.... your just as bad getting mad at them over the computer

TradeVonMartin 5 years ago

hey everyone! look at me! im mad!

you twat.

DaRaydahs 5 years ago

Yeah dude just relax if it makes the guy feel better then let him do it. Quite frankly you going off on people on player updates is more annoying than people asking advice. These comment sections are made for people to talk about football so just stick to that and let people ask for others opinion if they want

Tommeltot 5 years ago

zzzzzzzzzz you keyboard warrirors

TradeVonMartin 5 years ago

trayvon martin and abraham lincoln got what they deserved.

DaRaydahs 5 years ago

cool dude

flyingwallendas 5 years ago

i agree....im looking for opinions under the updates not questions on who to start

WookieOfTheYear 5 years ago

I have Thomas in my RB slot but who should I put in my flex slot: Law Firm or Mike Williams? I also have Torrey and Steve Smith as my WR slots, but have Megatron sitting out this week because of the matchups. Need a little help...

Danimal17 5 years ago


crarbo1 5 years ago

Ahmad Bradshaw or Pierre Thomas? I have Sproles but since he is out, I have to start one of the two. Just not sure about Bradshaw and his ongoing injury.

Casual-T 5 years ago

rashad jennings or thomas

dirtydugan 5 years ago

Jennings Detroit's run d is god awful and they are banged up plus playing on the road.

Danimal17 5 years ago

Detroit has given up the 9th fewest scrimmage yards to opposing backs and have already played against the likes of Gore, Lynch, Forte, A.P., and McKoy. I wouldn't call that run D god awful. It is easy to do.... because the Lions have been bad for so long on D, but this year what is killing them is turnovers and special teams.

dirtydugan 5 years ago

The niners ran the same tight end chip play on the lions and ran all over them and marshawn busted a 77 yard td on them as for the other 3 they have had a so so year. Playing against a lions d is a gift from the fantasy gods

MrBones 5 years ago

Thomas or Leshoure?

Leshoure's matchup looks pretty good but I'm iffy on the "injury" he has

dirtydugan 5 years ago

I have the same issue and I went Thomas

RobertoP 5 years ago

Also note that Bell is starting to get touches, to the point where the Detrit backfield becoming a RBBC. Thomas is a clear pick over almost anyone lately anyway.

MrBones 5 years ago

agree with both of you, I decided to start Thomas and see what Detroit does this week.

amybee 5 years ago

should have gone leshoure

MrBones 5 years ago

Big time. 70 yards is weak but the 3 TDs argh...didn't see that coming

flyingwallendas 5 years ago

if you get 70 yards for 16 weeks you get 1120 yards which is far from weak. are you being dishonest again abe???

MrBones 5 years ago

Honestly elitist I suppose

KokoMoAZ 5 years ago

Thomas or Spiller?

JamesP 5 years ago

I have the same option. I'm going w Thomas.