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Michael Turner played on 36-of-75 offensive snaps in Sunday's win over the Eagles.

It was an ideal situation for Turner to lead the running backs in snaps and rack up 24 carries. The Falcons jumped out to a 14-0 lead early on and coasted the rest of the way. Of course, Turner highlighted his painfully low upside by turning those 24 carries into just 58 yards, looking slower than ever in the process. Jacquizz Rodgers played 29 snaps and Jason Snelling saw 17.


ryanbetz 5 years ago

which threee rbs should i start rice jc turner and pierre thomas idk

Ahat 5 years ago

he's their tank clock runner

SamBair 5 years ago

Not good for Turner owners...

sleekviper 5 years ago

What is bad is that if he plays 36 snaps, gets the ball on 24 of them, how exactly do they expect other teams to not guess where the play is likely to go?

aproffn 5 years ago

They run in obvious Run situations. That is why Turner never rushes for more than 80 yds. His role is to Run when Run is the appropriate call. If I start him, its for his TDs not yds.... surely not his catches

Eyretheflyer 5 years ago

The guy doesnt get touchdowns though