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Marques Colston went off against the Chargers in New Orleans' Week 5 win, catching nine passes for 131 yards and three touchdowns.

With Lance Moore out and Jimmy Graham ailing, Colston was Drew Brees' go-to receiver. All three of Colston's scores came within the red zone, while the nine-catch performance was his second straight. After getting off to a slow start due in part to a foot injury, he'll now enter the Saints' Week 6 bye averaging 5.6 catches for 88.8 yards. He has four total touchdowns. He's a high-end WR2/borderline WR1.


micheline 5 years ago

He basically blew me away. I Har Brees in my QB position and together they had me jumping fans screaming for joy the whole game... And I'm not even a Saints fan!

BrianV 5 years ago

borderline WR1? Say what?

DonTerminator 5 years ago

And with the past 2 weeks performances, he's officially made up for his first 3 weeks. I now no longer regret taking him in the 4th round.

DrDoom511 5 years ago

I played him ONLY because Stevie Johnson was up against that Niners Def. Boy was I rewarded. I hope this keeps up Jennings is out and Im not really counting on him at this point. Here's hoping this guy keeps it up!

Steelpens79 5 years ago

Haha, I feel the same way. Hopefully he keeps it up.

TouchdownBundy 5 years ago

yep. it seems Colston is back and you know the saints are gonna air it out every week (well except this week since they're on a bye)

Steelpens79 5 years ago

We'll have to wait and see how he does once Lance Moore comes back. Moore always seems to cut into Colston's numbers.