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Marcel Reece rushed for 103 yards on 19 carries and caught four passes for 90 yards in Sunday's Week 11, 38-17 loss to the Saints. Reece was the lone Raiders player to show up for the game. The only thing missing for fantasy owners was a trip to the end zone. Darren McFadden (ankle) and Mike Goodson's (ankle) statuses for Week 12 against the Bengals are still uncertain, but Reece has at least earned himself more opportunities. Reece is a must-hold in fantasy and will get a shot at Cincinnati's No. 20 run defense in Week 12 if DMC is ruled out.


AGIII Wed 11/21/12 3:51 PM

i hope reece starts, i just picked him up and throwing him in the flex spot over CRUZ i know I'm a dare devil.

BlueCrimson27 Wed 11/21/12 5:38 PM

As in Victor Cruz? who the hell do you have at WR if you are benching a top 10 fantasy receiver?

AGIII Thu 11/22/12 10:21 PM

:) Thomas , Marshall.

Flywron Tue 11/20/12 8:17 PM

I think Reece starts, DMC hasen't practiced yet, which is a good sign Reece will start. I have him in my starting line up but keep a eye on DMC status!!

wayneiii Tue 11/20/12 8:07 PM

Is he starting this week??

Chitown021 Tue 11/20/12 7:42 PM

Stay out DMC! I could really use Reece's production in my lineup this week!

jjoyave1 Tue 11/20/12 7:09 PM


ROSSLLER Wed 11/21/12 4:38 PM

taking your man crush public...respect

jjoyave1 Wed 11/21/12 7:33 PM


JustinBjornson Tue 11/20/12 6:42 PM

I have to start 2. Who should I start out of Reece, Morris and Ridley?

Ernes2o Mon 11/19/12 1:28 PM

what a waiver gem. very impressed with the work he is doing on that hamstring.

Ponzi Mon 11/19/12 2:37 AM

Hes like Darren sproles on steroids I haven't seen anythingft like it... that kinda consistent pass catcher thats big enough to take the pounding of 20 carries on top of it.

Khova Sun 11/18/12 10:01 PM

raidernation knows reece is doing a better job

Snake_bitten Sun 11/18/12 8:03 PM

I sure as hell am keeping him. Keep it up dude!! :D

EvanPackers12 Sun 11/18/12 8:04 PM

all of lot better than mcfadden

cheifSMOKENtoke Sun 11/18/12 8:51 PM

he a beast id rather see reece, i have both