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Malcom Floyd has taken over "Z" receiver duties in the San Diego offense.

Floyd had previously been lining up as the "X" wideout, while Robert Meachem was handling the "Z" spot. Meachem has since been sent to the bench with Danario Alexander taking over Floyd's "X" role. Floyd played "Z" exclusively in Week 10 and caught six passes for 63 yards and a score. He'll continue to line up next to Antonio Gates to create matchup problems for the opposing defense. This move just further solidifies Meachem's spot on the sideline and DX's ever-increasing role in the offense.


ASHMEAD 5 years ago

The ol'Wyoming Cowboy can get'er done. Stick with Malcom if you got him.

MarioKartMaster 5 years ago

I have a trade for Meachem and Alexader, but I gotta give up Wayne.

Decisions decisions.

Siderits 5 years ago

Wayne's a studdddd... SAY NO!! always getting receptions.... Sometimes Rivers does not seem like himself anymore

[Deleted User] 5 years ago

WTF, No trade,Wayne mister, no bueno

[Deleted User] 5 years ago

Cause if you desperate you needZ to

MrBones 5 years ago

Y would you even play Meachem

Impact 5 years ago

Good Point...lol T.H.