QB LAR (11)
Sun 11/10/19 9:39 AM

A source told Adam Schefter that Stafford may miss "this week or three weeks" due to the fractures in his back.
EDGE Analysis
Limited during Week 10 prep, Stafford underwent additional testing in the meantime due to pain stemming from a back issue. The aforementioned broken bones were discovered, which will result in an absence of at least one game. The Lions have four games in the next 19 days, so this injury is arising at an inopportune time. While Stafford gets back to full health, the team will turn to Jeff Driskel to direct the offense.


90Punks Sun 11/10/19 10:50 AM

When will flea post him as out?!

cogwheel Sun 11/10/19 10:46 AM

oy vey