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Kevin Smith played 19 snaps to Joique Bell's 10 in Week 11 versus the Packers.

We noted Sunday that Smith had overtaken Bell on third downs. The Lions didn't have a lead in the fourth quarter, so there's no telling if Bell still retains the "closer" role. Coach Jim Schwartz didn't address the changing roles on Monday and apparently wasn't asked about Bell's demotion. We should have a better read on the situation before Thursday's game versus the Texans.


rodderzzz 5 years ago

Pretty sure they lead the entire 4th quarter until cobbs td with about 2 mins left

Ghost_Lombardi 5 years ago

"....the Lions didn't have a lead in the 4th quarter...."

The Lions were leading with 4:19 left when Rodgers and Co. got the ball and eventually scored on the pass to Cobb.

flyingwallendas 5 years ago

whatever the case, kevin will be playing elsewhere next year. thank god!

BlueCrimson27 5 years ago

There's alot of Kevin Smith hate, never understood it. But watching Mikel Leshoure, he is not exactly the next reincarnation of LeSean McCoy.

flyingwallendas 5 years ago

i was actually giving smith props....but i disagree with you. leshoure has skillz

therab74 5 years ago

Hooka skillz

flyingwallendas 5 years ago

like cedben & lynch...but besides the weed, the man is a beast