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Kevin Smith is pessimistic about his chances of climbing the depth chart.

Smith was a healthy scratch in Week 6 as he's fallen behind Mikel Leshoure, Joique Bell and Keiland Williams. When asked what he can do to get back in the rotation, Smith said, "Probably nothing." Even with Jahvid Best (concussions) now done for the year, Smith will probably need an injury to garner any fantasy attention.


Shootuez 5 years ago

Lots your steam already and just giving up, huh? They should dock your pay for being a baby, its only week #7 man!!

Jason_Anne 5 years ago

We can sure use him AZ. At least for this year.

G-R-I-M 5 years ago

Man I thought it was just me - This guy is probably there best all around back right now - he runs through holes and catches the ball well - The only question mark on Smith is and has always been can he stay healthy - There are at least 3 to 4 situations that would be great for him - Cincy/GB (although I like Alex Green)/Ari/Indy . . .heck even in Dallas depending on Murray's injury - point is he wouldn't be on waivers more than a day if the Lions released him - they may even be able to get a late round pick for him.

Fabio49ers 5 years ago

Lions are doing this crap cause they invested too much on Leshoure.. They have to play him, so they don't look stupid.. Smith is the best back on their roster!! If u have him, hold on to him, cause as soon as he's on another team, he's gonna blow up, cause all this time he's been off is actually helping him stay fresh!!

Sethc1020 5 years ago

I don't understand why he gets no love in DET, he was solid as a starter for them.

flyingwallendas 5 years ago

he & chris ivory are way too good to be 4th stringers....release!

Greg_W 5 years ago

Trade him to GB for a 7th round pick, they really need a RB and Detroit don't need him. This would instantly make him fantasy relavent again...

Ghost_Lombardi 5 years ago

TT picked up Johnny White from the BUF practice squad. The gives the Packers Green, Starks, White, Kuhn and in a pince Cobb. Marc Tyler, who was with the team during camp, is also available. I don't think Smith fits in GB, as much as I'd like my Packers to have him.

Fabio49ers 5 years ago