WR GB (8)
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Jordy Nelson caught three passes for 45 yards at Detroit in Week 11.

Nelson was targeted five times, including an early-game drop. He didn't appeared to be hindered by his hamstring or ankle, but he and Aaron Rodgers weren't always on the same page. Nelson will look to get back on track against the Giants in Week 12.


terrylp23 5 years ago

Who should i start at reciever i need one , lafell ,s. Smith or Bolden

[Deleted User] 5 years ago

Im starting to worry about Nelson not geting what he use to get this team has too many star WR this may end up being a New Orleans team all over with Rodgers throwing to 7 or 8 differnt WR lol

swagster 5 years ago

Pick two. Jordy Nelson,Cobb,Jason witten,Reggie Wayne,miles Austin or torry smith?

C216 5 years ago

nelson and wayne

LSwaney 5 years ago

Nelson, D Thomas, Roddy White and V Cruz....Pick 2 this week?

CharlieMurphy 5 years ago

it is rediculous that you own all of them but if i had too choose 2... d thomas/v cruz

tchboarshead8 5 years ago

I'd go Thomas and White, but yes, you have amazing choices.

bassicu 5 years ago

White and Thomas. As long as Julio is hurt White will get more than his share of targets.

Bahpipn 5 years ago

White and Thomas Cruz is a definite no and Nelson a maybe