RB CAR (11)
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Jonathan Stewart rushed eight times for 31 yards and added two receptions for 23 yards versus the Broncos in Week 10.

The Panthers vowed to establish a power running attack a few weeks ago, but they've shown no patience whatsoever. Stewart had gains of 14 and 19 yards on his first six touches only to see his coaches abandon the ground game. He did play as the featured back over DeAngelo Williams until second-half garbage time. Stewart is merely a flex option versus the Bucs' stout run defense in Week 11.


SaltedJim 5 years ago

Is it a disease going through the NFL right now? Why are teams abandoning the run early in the first quarter at the slightest sign of the run game hitting a bump?

The Dallas Cowboys do that also. Cowboys RB fails to gain any yards on a run play and Romo starts winging it and flinging it.

mevic1 5 years ago

This bugs me to no end, between Newton, Stewart, Williams and Tolbert they actually have too many options. You can't expect to do well if you switch out a player at the first hint of trouble, the running game DEMANDS commitment, using your "lead" RB for 8 rushes is not even in the vicinity of committed! I said earlier this season that Stewart was suffering from a Chris Johnson-esque sluggishness but it's actually completely different, when used he's actually still the talented player he was, he's just being under-utilized. Get him the ball already! (Sorry for the rant)

Sumo_Zombies 5 years ago

The Panthers deserve to lose the game, and they deserve to lose it in embarrassing fashion if their coaches are going to prematurely abandon the power running game with Jonathan Stewart.

propson87 5 years ago

I'll say it again. The Panthers are just trying to salvage any trade value remaining for DeAngelo Williams... its obvious