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Jonathan Stewart played 31-of-56 snaps (55 percent) compared to DeAngelo Williams' 19 (34 percent) and Mike Tolbert's 12 versus the Redskins in Week 9.

After Stewart played 76 percent of the snaps in Weeks 7-8 (compared to Williams' 13 percent), he never got the chance to get into a rhythm in Week 9. Perhaps FOX analyst Daryl Johnston was on to something when he said he was left with the impression Williams would be more involved after meeting with the two backs. Coach Ron Rivera has not addressed the backfield breakdown this week. Yet to score a rushing touchdown this season, Stewart is a mere RB2/flex option versus the Broncos in Week 10.


Keystone 5 years ago

He averaged 5.? Yards per carry last week and only ran 5 times? Is that not good or something

jaytee9 5 years ago

Well, they cater and put up with Cam Newtons constant whining, why not bow down to Williams as well.

cogwheel 5 years ago

What I think is interesting is that DeAngelo's whining after Stewart was made the starter -- as reflected on D-Will's twitter and in comments to reporters -- appears to have actually succeeded in getting him back some more touches.

On a team like, say, the Giants, Coughlin wouldn't responded to D-Will's complaints by simply pushing him even deeper into the doghouse.

But evidently Carolina's coaching and front-office authority is so limp-wristed that they'll actually cave in to a player's dissatisfaction.

And that, folks, is part and parcel of why the Panthers are such a weak team right now.

cogwheel 5 years ago

*would've (not 'wouldn't'... typo, sorry)

JeRmZ 5 years ago

I surely do not trust him as a RB2 against Denver's D this weekend. I think he goes back to the pine.

cogwheel 5 years ago

The pine? No. He'll be the starter again. He'll get the most snaps again.

But Stewart probably needs 20 touches to be reliably fantasy-productive (and a bare minimum of 15), and he's not gonna get that until Williams is gone next year.

SpecialK23 5 years ago

Rivera's an idiot.

swagster 5 years ago

Almost as dumb as norv turner.

mevic1 5 years ago

Burnt-out Bolts fan?

swagster 5 years ago

No Mathews owner.

swagster 5 years ago

That's helpful...

milhouse79 5 years ago

stashing Stewart for next year. Not going to a fantasy option til d will. Is gone. Should never have resigned him IMO.