TE ARI (8)
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Jermaine Gresham caught four balls for 41 yards and a touchdown as the Bengals curb-stomped the Raiders in Week 12.

He secured all four of his targets. Gresham's value may dwindle a bit down the stretch as rookie Mohamed Sanu earns more weekly targets, but right now he's scoring at a mid-range TE1 level. Keep him rolling at San Diego in Week 13.


TacoismyGM 5 years ago

really? curb stomped? is that commentator lingo now? does he know what that is?

daddydunc 5 years ago

that choice of words caught my attention as well.

Jag-elicious 5 years ago

Quite the visual, that's for sure. I think the jets deserved that title from NE instead. The commentator probably watched 'American History X' recently. geez

Riggs44R 5 years ago

LMAO!!!! I agree, save that for the Jets