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James Jones has improved his pass-catching efficiency this season by talking to himself on the field and "doubling" his film study.

Jones yells at himself, "Focus!, Stay focused!" in between plays. "Even some of the DBs have asked me, man, what are you talking about?" said Jones, who was plagued by early-career drops but doesn't have a single drop on 57 targets this season. "In the past I've had games where I caught balls early and I would lose focus at the end. So I'm constantly talking to myself the whole game." Observed Aaron Rodgers, "The way that he's playing is a direct correlation to the way that he's practicing. ... It's transferring over in to the game."


andzoo 5 years ago

jones, jackson, cruz, rashad jennings, cecil shorts, denarius moore, josh gordan pick 3 plz

DCommish 5 years ago

Talking to him self...ooookay....do we need a psychiatrist? perhaps medication? hhahahaahhahaha

eagleszzzz 5 years ago

foster or mcdougan?

Wiz86 5 years ago

Pick one. James Jones/Dez Bryant/Santana Moss

Chenm 5 years ago

James Jones

swarupg 5 years ago

James Jones should be seriously considered this week if Jordy Nelson can't go. GB's top two WR's could be out, leaving the door open for Jones, Cobb and Finley

Chenm 5 years ago

Fitz \ james jones \ josh gordon \ cecil shorts ??

g-dogg 5 years ago

who should i start jones,decker,or maclin

crash4 5 years ago

Decker Nicks

Hunter22 5 years ago

James Jones, Eric Decker, or Hakeem Nicks. Which 2 should i start?

ParkersinBmore 5 years ago

James Jones, Hakeem Nicks, Denarius Moore, Randall Cobb, Andre Johnson, K. Britt - I need to pick 3 of these guys and I'm not quite sure which direction. Suggestions?

zappyalex 5 years ago

Give me Nicks, Moore, and Jones if Jordy Nelson doesn't go, and swap out Jones for Andre if he does

Wiz86 5 years ago


An0nymus3 5 years ago

"1 cup oatmeal! half cup milk! a dash of cinnamon and sugar and..."