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It would cost the Redskins $6.54 million to use the franchise tag on TE Fred Davis for a second straight year.

The Washington Times believes Davis' progress in his rehab from Achilles surgery could determine whether or not he gets the tag. We believe it's a prohibitive number for a player coming off major surgery. Davis isn't likely to draw that much guaranteed money on the open market.


joegibbskins07 5 years ago

i love his pass catching abilities but this years offense did not utilize the pass catching TE like last years offense did. if cousins is going to be starting, keep him. if not, let him go in favor of a better run blocking TE.

as for the injury, ACL surgery has become a common place in the NFL. its all part of the job. 95% get past it just fine but only 55% of RB's get passed it. he is no RB. let him test the market and see what his true value as a one year wonder from two years ago is and then offer him 10% more to bring him back. it would still be cheaper than the $6.54 mil.