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Giants K Lawrence Tynes is on pace to score more points than anyone in NFL history ever has in one season.

Tynes has 94 points in eight games, the season's halfway point. He's on pace for 188 points, which would top the record for any player (LaDainian Tomlinson's 186 points in 2006) and shatter the record for a kicker (David Akers' 166 points last season). The kicking record before Akers broke it was Gary Anderson's 164 points in 1998. Paul Hornung, a halfback and kicker, scored 176 points in 1960 while kicking 15 field goals and 41 extra points, but the Packers star also had 15 touchdowns.


Stevetacular 5 years ago

he's been my savior thru the bye weeks this year!

FlyingCircus 5 years ago

Proving my statement earlier this season that Eli Manning is a choke artist in the Red Zone. For what its worth to a Brown's fan. LOL

westonj2003 5 years ago

Choke artist?!?!?! Most come backs in the forth quater 2 super Bowls MVP 6-2 this season Where is the choke part?

batmanlight 5 years ago

he may not always get what he wants in the redzone but he is CERTAINLY the opposite of a choke artist. "Manning in the fourth with two minutes left", thats all you need to hear.

Fonman 5 years ago

As a fellow Browns fan... I find your statement nuts.. Not only is he not a choke artist, he may be the best "clutch" QB in the NFL.. Wish he was the QB of the Browns.. No disrespect to Weeden.

eracer59 5 years ago

Choke artist? Spoken like a true ff genius

FlyingCircus 5 years ago

Romo has about the same numbers. A few QBs have twice as many tds. If you read above, the kicker is on pace to score most points in history. It's not genius it's called evidence and logic.

eracer59 5 years ago

Ok Sherlock

TheSuPReMeJuaN 5 years ago

Your an idiot...if the Giants are scoring 3-5 TDs (therefore 3-5 XPs) a game then this stat is obviously padded heavily by guess who...