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Free agent Vince Young remains determined to make a comeback.

ƒ?oI made some mistakes. And when you have the type of mistakes that I have, being quarterback in the NFL, it can ruin your career," Young said in an interview with ESPN's Outside the Lines. "So right now, Iƒ?Tm trying to fight hard to give it another go, another shot." Young finally appears to have seen the light, but it's likely too late for a player who will turn 30 in May. Young's financial issues mean this probably won't be the last time he vows to "fight hard" to return, but the fact that he hasn't found a job in a year where so many teams have issues at quarterback bodes extremely poorly for his NFL future.


GreenbayGumby 5 years ago

Another guy who had more money than brains. Live big, spend big. And now it's all gone.