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Free agent Vince Young believes he can "do a much better job than a lot of, most quarterbacks in the league."

Young didn't specify what specifically he believes he's better at, but it indeed appears he means playing football. Young also said he's reached out to former coach Jeff Fisher to apologize for his behavior in Tennessee. "Letting him know about the frustrations, all the different things that were going on in my life at the time and wanted him to know I really did appreciate (all he did)." It's unfortunate a player of Young's ability has become a punchline, but it's hard to see his once-promising career having a happy ending. Young is working out at the University of Texas' Pro Day on March 26.


joegibbskins07 5 years ago

i guess he finely sees what the rest of us see. that must sting. now he just dreams of a team instead of being on the dream team.