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Following Sunday's win over the Dolphins, Chris Johnson said he has been concentrating on his pass protection.

Johnson was a beast in blitz pickup on Sunday. It's important, because it means he's fully engaged effort-wise and is also playing on all passing downs. "That is something you have to do when you want to become a complete back," Johnson said. "Any time you are making $50 million, those are the things you have to do." CJ2K has regained 2009 form of late, averaging 6.72 yards per carry over his last five games.


DaleParkerII 5 years ago

how's doug martin & chris johnson wit mojo as my 3rd back sound lol

yankees5520 5 years ago

I think we can all agree on the fact that he is back, anyone saying this is all a fluke is in denial.

YBtheMONSTER 5 years ago

right, except he was never gone (fantasy wise yes, skill wise no)....CJ is matchup proof as long as he is healthy

DCommish 5 years ago

Yes, he never left!!!!!!...Glad i'm running Rrice and CJohnson...with Mcgahee on my bench!

Stinkfistlee 5 years ago

im running ap rice and cjohnson, in a dynasty league and have done some great drafting and trading. cause i got cruz and julio as well

Khova 5 years ago

im running cj foster marshall cruz wayne

JosiahBurnham 5 years ago

U suck man. Don't have a good qb though huh?

Khova 5 years ago

In my dynasty league I do I got discount double check and in my 2 player keeper I am running cam so his playoff schedule Is good so he'll with it all about playoff schedule

DCommish 5 years ago

What??? ....I do I got?...Is good so he'll with it all"....ooooh my! too funny!

YBtheMONSTER 5 years ago

posting with iphone. fail