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Falcons OC Dirk Koetter defended Michael Turner's 13-carry, 15-yard Week 10 performance on Tuesday, saying Turner "had no chance" because the Falcons were facing "free runners at the point of attack."

The blame game for the Falcons' failed rushing attack is escalating, but it's hard to see how it's anyone's fault but Turner's, even if his offensive line hasn't been paving exceptionally big running lanes. Turner simply has no burst left, and immediately runs out of gas when he does somehow manage to make it past the first line of defense. Jacquizz Rodgers is a flawed runner, as well, but it's hard to see the Falcons not being forced to expand his role down the stretch.


BoomNickuhh 5 years ago

forte or turner for flex?

Neo_Blade 5 years ago

Tough choice, because both have a tough matchup and neither has impressed this season. Even tho I would go with Forte. He's played one game less but still got more yards, better YPC and is more involved in the passing game. On top the Bears are likely to stick to their run game all day long unless they fall way behind. While the Falcons have turn away from a rush heavy offense and prefer to spread the ball out to Gonzales, Jones and White. Turner also loses touches and game time to Rodgers...

BoomNickuhh 5 years ago

yeah i was leaning towards forte as well. especially since culter has a concussion and what you just stated above pass heavy attack ahha just like flacco and rice situation. Thanks again for the input im probably going with forte time to make that playoff push.

Neo_Blade 5 years ago

Right now I'm considering to start Isaac Redman over Turner in one of my leagues. Turner has been a major disappointment for me this year. Drafted him in the first round (6th overall) in a keeper league and knew it would be some kind of a gamble. Hasn't worked out so far^^

Good luck for that playoff push!

leadfeet01 5 years ago

You drafted him sixth overall in the first round?! I was ashamed of drafting him in the third round.

Scott_A_Smith 5 years ago

Turner still has over 600 yards and 5 TDs on the season. Considering Redman is dumb in my opinion. Redman fumbled the ball while starting ahead of Dwyer last week and ended up with 10 carries because they lost faith and went to Dwyer most of the rest of the game. Not to mention Mendy is targeting a return this week.

redseal14 5 years ago

He gets an average of ten carries a game because they are so obsessed with their passing game.........I feel thats justice enough for his lack in run game. The weeks they give him the ball a little more he gets decent fantasy points, just sucks those are the weeks I have him on the bench.

lobo302 5 years ago

its the same with R.Rice. He gets so " few touches " because Flaco wants to becaome an " ELITE " Qb,when they going to learn that you must have a strong running game to................

DCommish 5 years ago

After you say those things.....watch Turner "go crazy" his next game. Thats fantasy for ya! As soon as you put him on the bench...go breaks a long TD!!!! hahahaha

joegibbskins07 5 years ago

I am inclined to agree.